WhatsApp Vs Hike Messenger

A few years ago, text messages were really very popular. But then came the generation of smart phones and traditional SMS text messages were almost replaced by free online messengers. WhatsApp messenger has emerged as leading dominant in this field globally. WhatsApp is clearly global leader of quick messengers and it is frequently used by billions of people across the world. Now doubt whatsapp is the best internet messenger application because all of our friends use it, so there is not any need to switch to some other platform. Now this time there are various alternatives of WhatsApp but Hike Messenger is the only messenger application which has enough spunk to challenge WhatsApp mobile app developers.


While WhatsApp became popular globally, being a messaging application with six years of rich experience, Hike messenger application emerged two years ago. Hike became quickly popular among youngsters in India as well as all around the world. The Hike messaging application secured leading position in various charts in a brief time period with their amazing promotions and marketing.  The main reason for the growth of hike is that invites your phone contacts and gets paid of every person who joins after your invitation. There are several other reasons which make Hike a better option. Hike is really surprising and brings in various fresh functionalities, which improve messaging experience of users. The Hike versus WhatsApp battle is really gaining this time.

In this article, we will talk about the differences between Hike and WhatsApp. The truth is most of the advance features of hike are not even available on WhatsApp. Even through whatsApp has some feature which highly captivates users but this time they should keep up with their opponent too, because no one knows that who will lead the instant messenger app market in future. So let’s try to introduce whatsApp versus Hike review for which is the better.

  1. Recently, hike has upgraded its functionality and now Hike allows its users to share files of up to 100 MB each while the maximum supportable file size of media by WhatsApp is just 16 MB each. However if the size of file is more than 16 MB, WhatsApp supports a trimming option the video to make it probable but it humiliates the media quality.
  2. WhatsApp doesn’t allow sharing data files such as pdf, ppt, and docx. Therefore Hike allows sharing document files also. Even Gmail supports only 25 MB per email transfer and for this huge regarding hike app data transfer is 100 MB.
  3. WhatsApp completely unsuccessful in referral programs, because they do not support such kind of extra reward like proposals. But hike started providing bonus to users with talk time by referring hike to their contacts. Hike offers 20 Rs per each successful referral and 15 Rs per every new user who sign up for hike. So this increased using Hike than whatsApp. Hike also works for postpaid plan, as hike have an option of recovery. Providing the referral money is great rose up which made hike to score such a huge progress rapidly and give a rivalry to WhatsApp.
  4. There are various great background themes in WhatsApp and Hike and customizing background themes in these both applications can be done easily, But Hike offers an additional functionality which is different background theme for each contact the user wants. User can have a customized theme for each conversation which they want to have.
  5. While WhatsApp started the emoticon innovation by using the Emoji icons, it has remained almost the same for the years now. On the other hand Hike supports various amazing stickers that simply make conversations more interesting. These stickers are usually updated in every 2-3 months.
  6. Unlike any other instant messenger apps, Hike users can also send free messages to non hike users. The Hike users can send up to 100 messages per month to non hike users. Hike users also get 50 messages as a bonus for each successful invitation along with 20 Rs. However these hike messages can be sent within India.
  7. Hike is absolutely free messaging application. Both Hike and WhatsApp are ad free messenger applications. Hike is an advertisement free and lifetime free chatting application while charges of WhatsApp is free only for the first one year and from the next year it charges approx one dollar per year.
  8. Privacy is the major fact which every user need. WhatsApp and Hike have their own personal approaches of privacy. WhatsApp messenger doesn’t have a special privacy, when we installed whatsApp it will fetch our all contacts from the phonebook and create matches to the whatsApp users then automatically add all the contacts to our whatsApp contact list. So the whatsApp users can easily send messages to other users just adding a contact into their contact list. But Hike has good privacy policies. Users need to send requests and accept requests. Here is another special feature to show or hide the last scene to selected contacts. While whatsApp has only one choice to show or hide last scene.
  9. If we talk about both messenger apps notification then we found that, if we send any message from whatsApp then we see a check sign below the message. If we see double mark means our message successfully delivered otherwise there might be some problem with the receiver’s internet connection or anything like that. While hike has better notification strategies, we can easily understand ‘R’ ’S’ ’D’ below each sent message that means Read, Sent and delivered and if the receiver is currently offline then it will inform us that receiver is currently offline and at this moment we can use free hike messages to the receiver. Hike also notifies us whenever the profile picture and status of our friend gets updated.
  10. The updated version of Hike can now be easily moved to SD card of the smart phone device after installation of application. It’s a great option for those who don’t have sufficient phone memory or already loaded with other applications. Whereas whatsApp is a big size application and it doesn’t provide this functionality formally.

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