Android App Learning Tutorials

Google entered in smartphone market and introduced Android, which is a mobile operating system based on Linux Kernel. The Android popularity is not a secret, but this time, android app development at its climax. Therefore, developers turned around and interested in the android app development because of the quick rising market of android apps. Android is an open source platform, means it can be utilized in a number of different ways and there is no any difficulty for entry. This makes it good for the app developers who are just starting out, as they can develop and deploy their app on the marketplace without targeting to meet up quality assurance criteria. So whether you looking to learn android development, here are some of best online android development training resources.


  1. Android Official is solely devoted to Android developers with its certified tutorials, community and open source development specifically designed for Android developers. If you are going to learn android, you can easily find references and guides about the API’s required for Android development. It also provides the tools and SDK’s required for native android app development to the developers.
  2. Vogella is also a good platform to learn Android; it has a huge collection of tutorials for Android developers. Trainee developers can get free tutorials and also for experienced developers along with great tools classified into sections. It is one of the most popular blogs for learning mobile app development.
  3. The Java Code Geeks is also a great platform to learn android app development. This website has not only Android tutorial but also Java tutorial, which is the very helpful for any beginner. In this website, Android section is divided into two categories Android Core Tutorials and Android Games.
  4. Coreservlets is also a chain of tutorials on Android programming. Beginners can also view it as self-paced course since it contains not only exercises but also solutions for it. Learners can also find free Java tutorials in this website.
  5. Eduonix is also a great platform where you can find good tutorials and simply detailed tutorials and blogs on Android. You can also find java tutorials sections here. Eduonix blog is divided into different languages like HTML5, Java, Phonegap, etc.
  6. Udemy provides one of the best fun courses to learn Android programming. With lifetime access to 22 lectures and 5 quizzes, more than fifty thousand beginners learning Android programming on this tutorial. You can view the tutorial videos as well as you can get a certification on completion of this course.