Most of the entrepreneurs always have an idea of the kind of a mobile app startup or first mobile app they want. However, the major challenge is knowing how and when to start. It leads many to delay or hold up the launch. The following guidelines are founded from experiences and knowledge gained from working with different organizations and entrepreneurs and presents the steps to take to start the first mobile app.


Step 1 – Authenticate

The primary step is to make sure the app resound with the target audience and unless you do this idea will continue an idea. Authentication can be done by building landing page which highlights the idea, using Google Keyword Planner to confirming the users looking for the app, or create a minimum viable product that provides essential value that tests the interest of the target audience.


Step 2 – Detail the Product

The second step is scheduling the product or wireframing. It can be done using a document or tool like or JustInMind. The main objective is not only guiding the user on how to use the app but also familiarize with the features.


Step 3 – Focus on the Core Features

After creating the sample or wireframes, any needless features are removed. The mobile app should only have the base attributes that is very helpful to the user. Any other feature can be added later, and it is also very important to pay attention to the cost.


Step 4 – Design Phase

Most of the users give more and more consideration to developing the mobile app than the design itself. Generally, they will simply go for fundamental design that is not so appealing. The most excellent way to developing a mobile app startup is to provide designing precedence and target on improving the user experience.


Step 5 – Summary

Come to the brief information that will be presented to their business development partners. It will have a possible timeline and predictable cost, and it will feature the ideal circumstance or background, focus on users and why they need it, and wireframes, features, how to use.


Step 6 – Hire

Positively, find a trustworthy and capable organization to develop the app. The company should be rich experienced, having a good technical team, and is credible. It is a great idea to look at the mobile app developer’s portfolio as this gives an initiative of what to expect from the company.