If you are an iPhone application developer, then there are certain points you should remember while doing the designing & development of app, otherwise you will be punished badly and it will also affect your career.

The five common mistakes which an iPhone application developer can’t afford to make:

  1. Resolution which is strange/out of place:

    While, developing the iPhone application the major factor for achieving everything properly is to remember is the UI design. The retina display technology of iOS will give the user more flawless visual experience and it will give you a countless number of opportunities to become an application developer.

When you will use appropriate high definition of UI, the more users will attract to your application and also help in increasing the number of downloads.

2. Not realizing the power of Social Media.

If you don’t know the power of social media or networking you can’t be a professional developer. Time to open up the internet, learn more about social media, and bring your application in social network, will definitely fruitful for you. With the help of social media integration in app, more users will attract towards your app and as more as the visitors, the app will gain more popularity.

3. Dismissing your selection of Operating System by your targeted niche:

When you start developing & designing your app, make sure you have done a complete research on the focused audience.

After completing the research work on the audience you get a rough idea, about what’s new your audience is looking for, then conduct a survey to find out which OS your prospects users are using.

You will get to know that more than 75% users are of iPhone, which saves your time and cost in developing the application for Android.

  1. Multitasking:

When you are developing and designing a Mobile App which is a gaming App, then there is no need to add business features in it.

It is of no use. Adding all the features in an app whether it is useful or not, will make your app more bulky and it will also give a negative impact to user. Firstly clear out what is the main motive of your application, and then start adding features in it. The features which you will add in app perform task which are meant to be performed.

5. Having No objective/goal:

What is the use of developing and designing such an App which have no goal? There is no proper audience who will understand the use of the app and will download it, then there is no need to make design such type of apps. It is essential to understand the proper reason to develop the app otherwise, it will not beneficial for you.

So, from here just commit yourself that you are not going to commit these 5 mistakes while developing the iPhone application. Otherwise it bring the natural calamity in terms of money and career both, and your application will never grow. What you need to do make an awesome trust with the users who you have to deal.  And yes, it is true that once you generate the trust in the users, it will be productive for the business.