Guest Article By: Clifford Gibson – A Mobile App Developer in India. Working with as a freelancer programmer with best offshore mobile app development companies in India.


From the last few years, we are seeing a rapid growth in the mobile app market regarding the development of mobile enterprise tools.

Down here, we have listed the top 10 popular cross-platform frameworks for building an App.

You will find many different cross-platform tools have different feature and specialties- some will focus on gaming, some will focus only on the data security of business.

While other will allow you to use the programming language in which you are specialize so, the best part is you don’t have to learn the new language.

So in short, choose that cross-platform framework for the development of mobile which satisfy your requirements and aims of your business.

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Xamarin, the most demanded tool to develop the mobile applications. It includes many features like app store delivery, performance testing and monitoring and the ability to perform vital tests on more than thousands of devices, just to makes sure that everything will work properly. Generating a business of more than $54 million and still expanding its reach.

It uses Ruby On Rails, C# for code, Xamarin has created a robust cross platform framework for the mobile development which has been adopted by big brands like Microsoft, IBM, Foursquare and Dow Jones.

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Sencha is a tool to develop mobile applications and offer many varieties like Sencha Architecture, Sencha Animator and many more. Sencha is a tool which allows us to develop app in HTML5. Its main product for enterprise users is EXT JS 5, which help you to create HTML 5 apps, which can be later converted into native apps with Phone Gap.

Sencha HTML5 focus approach which allow its apps to run on browsers or on touch-screen devices and connected with many big brands like Google, CNN and Samsung.

Once you develop your HTML5 code. You can convert it into both iOS and Android by using Phone Gap (translation tool).

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Phone Gap-

Phone Gap owned by Adobe, the best known cross-platform mobile app development tool. Also, a free resource by which the user can convert the code from the HTML 5, CSS and Java Script.

Phone Gap maintain Software Development Kits (SDKs) for every platform on which you develop an app. So, this is the plus point for which the developers don’t have to worry. Once the app got completed, share it with the team members for review, and to make any changes or improvements if needed.

Phone Gap is truly a cross development tool, because it also creates apps for Blackberry and Windows.

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Appcelerator Titanium-

Appcelerator Titanium is an enterprise-focused development platform which let the developers to write the Java Script, with its Alloy Model View controller (MVC). By using Java Scripts many developers can create the native iOS and Android Apps, because they are already familiar with the Java language which reduces their time in getting the grips on unfamiliar code.

It also offers a cloud option in which you can save your data on cloud if working on sensitive company data. this enterprise product also comes with the analytics, performance management and dedicated infrastructure. Though it is an open-source tool, many developers contribute to make it better and improve its functionalities. Or you can too find a bug.

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ifactr is very popular among the mobile developers, because making an app with iFactr is very easy and quick. In ifactr framework you have to learn the basics languages for programming within two to three days of training. iFactr also promotes its robust prototyping features, which allows companies to create the prototypes for their employees to test out. This platform requires the help of Xamarin to compile the native apps on iOS and Android, although Phone Gap is also built in this tool.

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Previoulsy, SAP was very famous in developing the mobile app but because of its confusing array solutions developers start rejecting it. But last year the company has launched its upgraded version with more functionalities and features to simplify the things. Now this tools also let the developers to build cross-platform enterprise apps from a single with HTML 5 codebase.

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Corona Software Development Kit (SDKs) said that one can start the coding of app in next 5 minutes once the downloading gets completed.  Though Corona is a cross-platform mobile app development tool to develop optimized 2D games and graphics, which helps them to make a games that runs 10 times faster than it would be.

The programming language of corona is LUA, it is written in C. Corona Choose LUA they found it really robust with a small footprint for mobile apps.

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Alpha Software-

Alpha software is an enterprise focused solution which lets you build the app for major platforms like Macs and PCs. This tool provides several option to developers when it comes to programming language, like C#, Java script, XBasic, or any other .Net. supportive languages like C++ and Cobra.

The alpha software recently launched built-in-support for offline apps, in which the mobile workers can use the app without internet connection, but ensures that everything will properly synchronize when back online. The contract of Alpha software starts from $1,999 for one year. Business also purchase a one-month trial of $199.

The alpha software also offers a step by step walk through tutorial to help the first-time app developer, to make sure everything is going on right way. Everything is good about the alpha software but the only problem is in price tag.

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5 App is basically for the business who wants to develop app for their employees. 5 App is a London-based company mainly offers two main services. First there`s an app building tool which uses HTML5 and Java Script to create native iOS and Android Apps. And, the second that there is an enterprise app store service, which is a BYOD management tool.

Plus, point is this its trial version is free but its premium service is priced $ 3.75 per user.

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Unity 3D-

Unity 3D is cross-platform framework used to develop great games. Unity 3D is a game engine which helps you to create incredible graphics.

Once you developed your name in Unity 3D, C# or Boo, you can export it into 17 other different platforms which includes- iOS, Android, Windows, Web, Xbox, Play Station, and Linux. Unity 3D also help you to distribute the app into appropriate stores, in getting the social shares and user track analytics.

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Always remember building an app from cross-platform mobile development is not easy, once the code gets written, you have to put it in tool for translation and then publish it on respective iOS and Android App store. Building an app from the cross-platform framework saves your time and cost, but make sure to update the UI time to time.

Adjustments are always needed between the UI and UX so that the menu and control commands can match the UX of how Android and iOS devices operate inherently different.