Adobe Illustrator Vs Photoshop

When we have to make high quality and trendy design for the websites, then only two options came to our mind i.e. Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Building a high quality website design is very important for the business to shine in the market. Actually, we live in a technological world, where we have to capture everyone`s attention therefore it is necessary to choose best print design tool.

Sometimes choosing the wrong design will destroy your artwork, and you will end up with sloppy layouts, oversized logo and blurry text, which cannot be resize without using a perfect designing tool.

In this post I will tell you benefits of using the Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, which one is best for printing design and when to use them.

When to use Adobe Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator, is used for creating and editing vector based Illustrations i.e. logos and brand marks or other design elements. Vector graphics are scalable images which can be seized as small or as large according to your needs and able to maintain resolution and clarity.

With Abode Illustrator it is possible to create multi-page documents for items like brochures or annual reports, although there are some drawbacks of using it

Adobe Illustration cannot set up the master pages, the wat InDesign do-  it is a necessary tool for building the documents which use templates.

Adobe Illustrator does not allow you to automate page numbers– it is used when you have to deal with large documents and it is not present in Illustrator.

When to use Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is simple and plain, used to create and edit the photos. Adobe Photoshop was developed to enhance the photographs by adjusting its sharpening and contrast, but now it is used to develop and create few things more like-

  • Pages for Web
  • Banner ads
  • Video Graphics
  • User Interface Designs
  • Editing pictures for print

Adobe Photoshop also comes with some drawbacks

Do not create logos– it is very bad idea if you are thinking to make logo from Photoshop, it will only cost you time and money. Photoshop is just a pixel or raster based. If you have made logo with it than you can`t be enlarged or manipulated it.

Do not set type for print Projects- if you want to print as its clearest, then it should be vector based. Photoshop only exports type as pixels.

Now we discuss which tool should be chosen for Designing Print Media?

Designing a Logo- Illustrator gives the perfect scalability of vector images, it is the best program to create logos. If the logo is created in Illustrator than it can be easily imported into a number of different projects and will always print with crystal clarity.

Drawing shapes and Graphics: Illustrator should be your first choice for drawing any shape of visual elements. Though vectors can easily be manipulated, altered and resized. Vector Illustration can be tricky to learn, but the results are very much professional looking rather than hand-drawn options.

Adding Filters and Special Effects: Adobe Photoshop is the library of impressive filters and special effects. Photoshop would be your first choice, if you want to give some more effects to your print media projects.

Manipulating Photos: Photoshop have amazing tools for manipulating the photos, though photos are created by using pixels, and all you have not to worry about the distortion. Photoshop should be first choice if you want to print design including photographs. Photoshop is used to improve the image quality, then it will import to another program.

In last:

I hope this article, will clear your all doubts related the program which should be chosen for the print designing.  Whatsoever your final product is should be clean and catching to eyes.

Guest Post By: Shruti a content writer and business development executive at Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur. So stay tuned and register below, in order to not miss future mobile app development News and Tips