Use Social Media to Boost Sales

Are you also using Social Media for Marketing and generating leads? But still you are getting less numbers of sales and conversion rates. Then dear, you are not standing alone in this race. Social media selling is a common business competition.
Boosting your social media will increase your sales and lead them to meet your dreams.
In this topic, we will reveal some tricks which you can use to increase your social media boost sales.

Don’t be a sales person, try to be social:
Use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to interact with people more. Do at least one post daily on your page. Never splash out your sales pitch on the websites. People are not at all interested in listening to the sales, they always look for some new and genuine things.  Post interactive and amazing photos and videos on your page, share knowledgeable quotes which can add value to your conversation. If you want to interact more to your customer’s, then always respond to them. Use straight forward language and be descriptive. Keep your profile always updated. Try to understand the needs of your customers, and talk to them through social media profiles.

Share meaningful content:
Always remember, your content should not be copy and paste. Share your own views and ideas on particular stuff. Never post on one topic. Try experimenting with new funny video and pictures. Videos are the vest best way to get more likes on the page. It also binds the user with you.

Post something different form your competitors:
Never afraid form your competitors. Use your own special & unique skills which makes you to stand apart from others. You can also share your story to get more attention of users. Stories helps in generating a personal connection, drawing on emotion and humanizing your business and make you memorable.

Use Pinterest:
Pinterest also help you to shine. Introduce you and your business to a whole new targeted audience. Pinterest have its own unique powers which we all love. Rich pins help you to boost your sales power. Extra data can be added to pins, which offers high quality and visibility and an instant call to action. Pinterest is a great platform for branding your brand. On Pinterest, consistent branding, including colors, fonts and styles create a streamlined look.

Leverage Twitter traffic:
Adopt a habit- to tweet daily. Use short. Proactive tweets which invoke the interest of users and inspire them. Introduce visual images which contains videos, quotes, data or behind the screen images. According to @Buffer, Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites & 150% more retweet.

One another way, to involve in chat or discussions. Look for your targeted market and interact with them.

Author Bio: Clifford Gibson is a Technical Content Writer at iPhone application development company in India. Love to share his view on Social Media and mobile app marketing. You can follow him on Twitter. @CGibson