Mobile Web Vs Mobile App

This is very common topic but with countless debates between technology pundits. Who’s is better? No one can agree.

If you are thinking to dive in mobile trend and planning to developed a mobile presence for your startup or organization one of the first thing come in mind is whether you go for mobile application development for users or mobile website, or perhaps both. Right?

Although we all know that both are used on the same device(mobile) but both are very different.

The truth is both build to serve a useful purpose, and both have pros and cons and some limitation in terms of meeting the needs of users in any given context.

In this post we have shared an infographic design by So CO Mo. In which you will find out a major difference between mobile web and mobile app.

Let’s consider some key facts about web vs apps.


The Bottom Line

The mobile web is for audience reach, and mobile apps are driving engagement from loyal customers. If done right, both are strategic and valuable.