How do I publish an app?

You have developed a fantastic app now you want to publish it into the app store. Right you are on right place here we will help you on how to publish an app successfully into stores.
We thing that the developer can do this on its own without any problem. Right? But is a car automatically sold just because the manufacturer has produced it and optionally delivered to the dealer?
The publishing an app involves far more than the technical provision in the app or Play Store. The presentation and information in the stores are first selling points for your app.

In this article, I will take up some points and questions and answers.

A little tip in advance: Do not bother just before going live to the steps and information necessary. Especially when you have a hard deadline in mind.

3 steps to provided App:

Step 1: Have an account?

Normally, when you start your project by the any mobile app developers they asked for an access to iTunes Connect and asked the Google Developer Console. So you have an account on both platforms if you are going to build for iOS and android.

Make sure that your account access by you or the project managers and ideally also get the developer direct access. This eliminates the extra effort. The developer should be capable enough to load the app binaries in the platforms and trustworthy enough to not take advantage of the access to the stored information on the platforms.

After the project has been completed successfully, you should consider whether the access should continue to exist. I recommend to remove the access for persons only temporarily involved in app projects. You certainly do not want that developers of service permanently have access to your apps.

Step 2: Create app

The Next step in publishing an app create an app if you have access to add or clear words, the placeholder for all information and the binary app must be created. When you add you will be guided through a short dialogue, be interrogated in the base information.

Step 3: Describe App

Probably the most important thing is the title of your app. In the description of the app, you can let off steam with respect to the functionality and accommodate diverse marketing information. But who reads and who cares? Go succinctly into bullet points on the core benefits of the app. If this is an app update in the provision, a short text about the new features is required. App icon graphic screenshots or videos are needed. A screenshot of the splash screen or the login screens are of little interest for the potential user. For screenshots and promotional graphics, developers can easily deploy Screen 1 to 5.


Consider early and thoroughly as you would like your app to market and present in the stores at Google and Apple. To help, we offer a mobile app developing and marketing services for your app in the App Store and Google Play. If you have further questions or simply just need help, please feel free to contact us.

I wish you success!