App Store Optimization

To boost app downloads in the App Store of Apple and Google, it will help you to know the most important measures for the App Store Optimization, short ASO, and carry out directly. Through ASO you improve the visibility of your own apps in the store and to reach a better ranking. Here we show you how you progress in the app store upwards.

5 measures to App Store Optimization:

  1. Right Name:

As with the classic search engine optimization, keywords are in optimizing the app stores also crucial.

For the app name, you should – if your store name is already a unique description for the products to be sold – those same uses. This is not the case, you should add a few keywords this quiet.


  • Fashion Hero – Trends and Deals
  • Oval – Internet of Things
  • Cyber Fruit – Consumer Electronics

Important: Keep it short. Use two to three highly relevant keywords. Note here that only the first 19-20 characters (including spaces) of the app name anywhere in the App Store (depending on the side). For iOS, you can use 255 characters for the app name, it is in Android only 30 characters.

2. The appropriate app description

Your app description should be brief and informative describe what your customers can expect in the app. Overall you have 4,000 characters.

Beginning in the first three lines of the most important information about your Store and the App, because the other information that follows in later text course, are only about clicking on “view more” visible.

List the benefits of the app, imagine doing the question of why your customers should download the app and give the description the right answers for them. This you can additionally represent with screenshots, which leads us to the next point.

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  1. Convince with good screenshots

App Screenshots are your best option to move users to download your app. If a user already on your app preview page, provide good screenshots most likely the added value of the app – so give everything here!

Make as many screenshots as possible, the most relevant you make this place as far forward, because only the first half screenshots are immediately visible on the detail page of your app.

You can build your screenshots also spice up something by you present this in a smart phone, a background or adding some highlights, like arrows or explanatory texts add.

  1. The app icon: Simplicity counts

Ideally, you can use your shop logo as app icon, it must be in readable and recognizable icon size. In rather wide logos, try best to have a representative element of your shop logo and use -names. Avoid, too many details or words and think it is rather simple. The icon should be apparent at first glance.

  1. App Reviews

Users download especially apps that are marked with many good reviews and so a high download number. Even if you have not directly in hand, to generate more reviews, you can advertise your apps and ask for a review, for example, when your existing customers. Per Newsletter, Facebook, or any other, for you well-functioning channels.