Mobile web shops with E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing and mobile commerce are made for each other. More than half of all e-mails are read mobile today. Newsletter therefore offer themselves excellently to attract mobile users. From the mobile email the way to the mobile purchase is not far off. In this article, I am going to explain how you attract with Email Marketing Visitors to your mobile store and convert them successfully.


The basic requirement: Newsletter Responsive Design

For the mobile customer journey runs successfully, the newsletter must be mobile readable once. HTML newsletters, as they are shipped commonly today, generally allow a lot of room. Given fortunately includes the optimization for mobile devices.

The easiest way to adjust your newsletter to mobile use, you can use a responsive newsletter template. This ensures that the newsletter automatically adjusts the device on which it is opened. This means for example, that an email is displayed in multiple columns instead of one column mobile to improve readability. The magnification of buttons and text and image resizing belong to responsive design. This is largely implemented via CSS styles.

By using an appropriate newsletter template, you can save both the programming of the newsletter and the elaborate production of an own mobile version that would be sent separately from the desktop world. You can easily insert the desired content and arrange the connection as needed and adjust.

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The freestyle: Mobile Usability Optimization

In addition to responsive design it is about mobile users to observe more points. The newsletter subject line is truncated to the smaller displays of mobile devices after a specified number of characters. Therefore, the subject should be as short as possible, ideally less than 60 characters.

In addition, buttons and links should be large enough and at sufficient distance to other elements to be easily clicked with a finger. This is needed to ensure that customers get to the right target and not be frustrated unnecessary. The position of the click elements should be considered, so that they can be conveniently operated with the thumb.

In general, the font should be bigger. At least 14pt have proved legible. In addition, make sure that enough “white space” to withdraw all good newsletter elements from each other. Both measures improve readability enormously.

Individual product Newsletter

Just because in mobile newsletters space is limited and they are usually considered the go, the content must meet exactly the right point. Therefore, you have a few, very relevant products the best chance of success. To meet the tastes of many recipients with an e-mail, of course, is a major challenge.

The solution is personalized product recommendations, which will be played in the online shop from the behavior of the customer. This is a familiar feature of large vendors like Amazon: This send personalized cart Reminder and recommendations with similar products and purchased by another customer references.

combine newsletter and App

The newsletter is especially a good and direct way to publicize the app with its own existing customers. So, you generate not only additional downloads without app-marketing budget, but also make both more sales with your existing customers, as app customer order more and more frequently.

Loading time optimization

Smartphone users are usually only a limited bandwidth and a limited volume. They expect that emails do not consume a lot of valuable volume and fully charge within seconds.

Images which are used in newsletters, to be hosted Online. One should make sure that they are uploaded to the size in which they will eventually appear in the newsletter. In many cases, you can reduce greatly in this way a newsletter. Only in special cases, images should be embedded, for example, Buttons. Embedded images extend the charging time of the newsletter strong.

Mobile-optimized landing pages

The landing pages where your customers land after clicking on the newsletter should be mobile optimized. All product and category pages and the checkout process should be able to be easily used on smartphone or tablet. If the entire customer journey is prepared for mobile clients, you can use and achieve higher conversions the full potential of mobile commerce.