7 Tips for Successful App Marketing

This year Mobile and online video will be the biggest growth driver in the advertising industry. Users install many apps that they never use it but estimate nine out of ten applications uninstalled after first use. What makes successful app marketing, explains the mobile app development agency in Los Angeles based on 10 points that shows what has to be considered in the App Marketing.

Find an appropriate communication Medium:

In the app stores countless applications compete for the favor of users, only on Google Play, it was the end of 2015 almost 2 million. Therefore, we recommend the systematic optimization and integration of all promotional channels. These include Owned and Earned Media.

Must follow the localization:

The app market is becoming increasingly globalized and follow the localization. Error-free translation and consideration of currencies, time zones and cultural characteristics are required to get success in app market.

Good positioning in the app stores:

90 percent of downloads are from an organic search in the App Store. Similar to the search engine optimization App owners including the App store optimization to position themselves well in search results. This works done on the selection of an appropriate title, the use of relevant keywords, a meaningful description and screenshots.

Use app reviews and recommendations:

Nothing motivates potential users to download more than the reviews and recommendations from other customers, therefore reviews and recommendations important to offer the best possible downloads. These include the direct dialogue with the users and the rapid resolution of problems.

Focus on targeting with Google and Facebook:

According to e- Marketer last year were almost 70 percent of global Internet advertising spending on Google (47 percent) and Facebook (22 percent) – including Mobile Search advertising media and newsfeeds advertising. We recommend devote time and resources to optimize the deployment of Facebook App Install advertising material, ” because the targeting possibilities are fantastic there.”

Identify the target audience on all devices:

The search for the right audience can save a lot of budget. Just because advertising in iOS has always been more expensive than Android devices.

Note the different device usage:

Smartphone and tablet users differ in their usage habits. While the smartphone is likely moving around at points and, therefore requires a short, concise and targeted approach, tablet rather in quieter moments. This large display allows for other promotional opportunities that need to be considered.